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Spicy Cheddar Snack Sticks

Hot and tasty snack sticks delicious
Prep Time1 day
Cook Time6 hours
Total Time1 day 6 hours



  • Clean your meat of any silver skin, sinew, arteries and cut into small strips or cubes. Place the meat and fat in the freezer for an hour or until the temp reaches 32f – 34F.
  • Prepare all of your seasonings (except the encapsulated citric acid), clean and rehydrate your casings
  • Grind your very chilled meat and fat on a course plate (12mm). Add all of your seasonings to your course ground meat (except the encapsulated citric acid)
  • Regrind your seasoned meat on a 6mm or 4mm plate.
  • Add the ice cold water to your seasoned meat and begin to mix till it becomes very tacky. If you grab a small handful it will stick to your hand if you hold your hand upside down. Once that happens add the small cheddar cheese cubes and mix till they are well incorporated. LASTLY ADD THE ENCAPSULATED CITRIC ACID and mix for 20 more seconds till it's well incorporated.
  • Stuff your mince meat into the sheep casings and form your links.
  • After you form your links place the sticks in your smoker and let them dry out for 1 hour. I keep a low 100F temp with the door slightly open.

Cooking Schedule

  • Start cooking at 125F for 1 1/2 hours, 135F for 1 hour, 155F for 1 hour, 165F for 1 hours then 180 till the internal temp reaches 150F (smoke is being applied lightly through the entire cooking process)
  • Once finished cooking submerge in ice cold water and hang to bloom for 4-8 hours