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Mexican Salami

A uniquely seasoned salami
Prep Time3 d 1 hr
Drying Time60 d
Total Time63 d 1 hr



  • If you plan on using Mold 600 on your salami- rehydrate 1/2 tsp in a 1/2 cup of distilled or non chlorinated water.
  • Grind your chilled (below 35F) pork and fat on a 10mm plate. Rechill once finished
  • Mix in all of your seasonings and the sauerkraut juice. Once your meat mixture is sticky, stuff your meat into casings.
  • Prick out the air pockets, brush with mold 600 (if using), and weigh your salami. Record the weight and place in a fermentation chamber.
  • Ferment between 65-75F with 85% humidity for 24-72 hours. Test your pH. With this method try to target a ph of 4.9. Once you hit your target move the salami into it's drying chamber.
  • Dry this salami at 55F and 80% humidity till you achieve your target weight loss. I typically target 38% - 40% weight loss.


  • If you want to use a commercially obtained starter culture I would suggest using "Flavor of Italy"  Keep everything the same in the recipe except reduce the dextrose to .2% and the fermenting conditions will be 75F and 85% humidity for 24 hours.  If you use a different starter culture your fermenting conditions will most likely change.  Leave me a message if you have a question.
  • The Dextrose in this recipe is the "food" for your bacteria. Don't leave that out..