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Italian Genoa Salami

A traditional and flavorful salami originating from Genoa Italy
Prep Time2 hrs
Drying Time60 d
Total Time60 d 2 hrs


  • 908 grams lean pork
  • 908 grams lean beef
  • 454 grams pork back fat
  • 56.75 grams kosher salt
  • 5.68 grams insta cure #2
  • 4.54 grams dextrose
  • 4.54 grams table sugar
  • 4.54 grams black pepper
  • 2.27 grams garlic powder
  • 13.62 grams whole peppercorns
  • 34.05 grams nonfat dry milk powder this is optional but really helps with the binding properties of your mince
  • Flavor of Italy Starter Culture re-hydrate 1/2 tsp of starter in 1/4 cup of distilled water for every 5 pounds of meat/fat. Let this rest for 30 minutes
  • mold-600 re-hydrate 1/2 tsp of mold in 1/2 cup of non-chlorinated water. This will do about 5-10 pounds of salami. Let sit at room temp for at least 5 hours before use



  • If you plan on making this salami into a skinny salamini (under 28mm diameter), which generally takes less than 4 weeks to make. All you have to do is replace cure #2 for cure #1 in the exact same quantity. Use the sheep casing of your choice and enjoy


  • Clean meat from any silver skin or arteries, cut into small chunks and chill till the temperature of the meat gets below 34f.
  • Grind chilled pork and fat through the 10mm plate and grind chilled beef through the 3mm plate. Let chill before mixing. You want the temp of the meat to be around or below 34F.
  • Prepare all the seasonings and prepare the starter culture and set to the side. You starter culture needs about 30 minutes to "wake-up" before use.
  • Mix the meat, seasonings, and re-hydrated culture together. You mince meat will be very sticky when finished
  • Stuff your mince tightly into a salami casing, making sure there are no air pockets. Tie the end well to ensure that it doesn't come open. Weigh your salami and record the weight
  • Prick your salami to get rid of any air pockets and brush your salami with The mold 600 (if you are using this)
  • Ferment your salami at 75F with 90% humidity for 12-24 hours (these parameters are for this culture, other culture require different parameters).
  • Test the pH at 18 hours to see where you are at. You are aiming for a ph between 4.9 and 5.2.
  • Once you have reached your target pH place your salami in your drying chamber at 55F with 80% Humidity. Let it dry in this chamber until you have reached a 38%-40% weight loss.