Teriyaki Salami

Are you ready for something different? This salami was requested by a subscriber and I thought it sounded interesting.

This recipe uses teriyaki sauce and before we add this ingredient we need to determine how much salt is in it so we can accurately season our salami. We are looking for a total salt content of 2.75%. So let’s figure out how much salt is in this teriyaki sauce. Here is a picture from the back of the label of the La Choy brand that I am using.

There are 2 things you need to know. The amount of sodium and the serving size. You will see that the amount of sodium is 620mg and the serving size is 1 Tablespoon. With that information here’s what you need to do.

Multiply the amount of sodium by 2.5 then divide that answer by 1000. The final answer will be how many grams of salt in every serving size (in this case it’s a Tablespoon). So lets work the formula:

620 (sodium) X 2.5 = 1550
1550/1000 = 1.55
ANSWER: 1.55 grams of salt in every tablespoon

So if we have 1,000 grams of meat and we want to have a total of 2.75% salt in our recipe we will need a total of 27.5 grams of salt. The insta cure #2 will account for 2.5 grams, so that leaves us 25 grams of salt. If I want to add 4 tablespoons of teriyaki sauce at 1.55 grams of salt per tablespoon that will make up 6.2 grams of salt, leaving me with 18.8 grams of salt that I need to add in order to complete my recipe. Does that make sense?

This method allows us the opportunity to use liquid ingredients as seasonings (fish sauce, shrimp paste, soy sauce). Just remember that we don’t want to add more than 1/8 – 1/4 cup of liquid per kilo of meat used. If we add too much liquid our sausage won’t turn out right and the texture will be all messed up….

In my recipe below I’ve already calculated the amounts necessary but If you have any questions about this formula be sure to leave them in the comment section below.

Follow basic sausage preparation practices when making this sausage.
  1. Clean and Sanitize all of your equipment.
  2. Keep your meat and grinder parts super cold (below 34F)
  3. Any liquid that is added to the mince needs to be ice cold
  4. Mix your very chilled meat and seasonings till the mince becomes very tacky
  5. Form sausage patties or stuff the mince into sausage casings and prick out any air pockets
  6. Cook till the internal temperature reaches 155F

Here are a few things you might find useful when making sausage

Enjoy the video and the recipe. If you have any questions feel free to ask away. If you make this at home I’d love to hear about how it came out!!

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Teriyaki Salami

Fully dried and cured salami with an Asian influence
Prep Time30 mins
Total Time30 d
How much do you want to make? 1000 grams



  • Start by preparing your mold culture. This needs to rehydrate for at least 2 hours (overnight is ok as well) at room temperature.
  • Clean your meat of any silver skin, sinew, arteries and cut into small strips or cubes. Place meat and fat in the freezer for an hour or until the temp reaches 32f – 34F.
  • While your meat is chilling rehydrate the casing, the starter culture, and prepare your spices.
  • Grind your very chilled meat on a 6mm plate. If you prefer a coarser salami texture you can grind on an 8mm or 10mm plate). Rechill after grinding. Keep the temperature of the meat below 34f (1c) at all times.
  • Combine all of the spices, teriyaki sauce, and starter culture with the meat and mix till it becomes very tacky. If you grab a small handful it will stick to your hand if you hold your hand upside down.
  • Stuff your mince meat into the casings, link, and prick out any air pockets. Weigh your salami and record the weight. Finally, brush with the mold 600 culture and let the salami ferment.

Fermenting and drying instructions

  • To ferment your salami, wrap it in cling film and place the salami in an area that's between 75f and 85f (23.8c – 29.4c) for 18-24 hours (if you have a way to test the pH you are aiming for anything between 4.9 and 5.2)
  • after fermentation place the meat in a drying chamber where the temperature is 55F and the humidity is 80%. Here it will stay till it looses 40% of its weight.
  • After you hit your weight loss target your salami is ready to enjoy.

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5 thoughts on “Teriyaki Salami

  1. Steven Kleypas
    Steven Kleypas

    I have watched your videos for a year or more and you are a guru, What is the best thing you have ever made?

    1. Eric

      Thank you. I think the best thing I’ve made was a dry aged wagyu, duck and iberico pork salami with truffles. It was ridiculous!! https://twoguysandacooler.com/is-this-the-worlds-most-expensive-salami-wagyu-duck-iberico-salami/

  2. Peter

    For the 70/30 “meat” can you use
    Pork shoulder for the 70%
    Or use pork loin only

    1. Eric

      Sure. That’s what I do

  3. JUDY


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