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Italian cured meats


Today we get to make a Lithuanian cured meat that is off the charts!! It’s smoked, fermented, dry cured, and simply seasoned. The end result is out of this world. The most important thing you need in order to make this salami is a place for it to dry. This salami is very unique in …

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Brianza Salami

This salami is a real testament to the craft of preserving meat! There are a few unique ingredients in this recipe that deviates from the traditional Brianza salami. The first is Insta Cure #2. We use Insta Cure #2 to protect our meat against harmful bacteria (botulism) and because the processing time will be longer …

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Hungarian Salami

Follow basic salami preparation practices when making this sausage. Here are a few things you might find useful when making this salami How do you store your salami when it’s finished Storing your salami properly is just about as important as making your salami. You’ve spent so much time patiently waiting for your salami to …

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Italian Cacciatore Salami

Have you ever heard of the Italian Cacciatore Salami? It’s incredible. The word cacciatore means hunter in Italian and this salami is appropriately names a hunters sausage. This sausage was often take out in the field and used for food by hunters as it was shelf stable and didn’t require refrigeration. There are many variations …

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Mint Salami

Salami making can be a beautiful way to express yourself creatively. I personally see salami making as a blank canvas and through different proteins and spices we can create edible art! Today’s salami was inspired by the idea of food perception. I wanted to create a salami that looked and smelled like a peppermint candy …

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