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how to make cheese at home

Greek Feta

Feta Cheese has got to be one of my all time favorite cheeses. Salty, tangy, earthy, crumbly, and perfect in all sorts of dishes! Today we will be looking at how to make Feta cheese. This is a fairly easy cheese to make as long as you follow some simple steps. If you choose to …

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I have to admit. Cheese making can be very challenging. Some cheeses require presses, cheese caves, and all sorts of special attention. Fortunatly today’s cheese, Chevre does not. Chevre is a soft French Goat milk cheese that is an acid-set curd rather than a rennet set curd. What this means is that we want our …

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Nerina Cheese

Have you ever heard of Nerina? This Italian soft goat cheese really caught my attention the first time I had it. Nerina’s striking appearance is only rivaled by it’s amazing flavor. This cheese is bright, creamy, citrusy (more like lemony), slightly tangy, a little musky, and mild for a goat cheese. The rind, which is …

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Queso Fresco

Well the time has come to start making cheese and what better cheese to start off with than Queso Fresco. This is a cheese I grew up eating in Mexico and I still love it to this day. Queso fresco translates to “fresh cheese” and it’s a mild cheese that really pairs well with other …

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How to Program the Inkbird WiFi ITC-308 (Temperature Control)

In many of our projects we use special equipment to regulate the temperature and humidity. Projects like cheese making, Salami making, beer or wine brewing are just a few. This same type of equipment is often used in Mushroom growing operations as well as medicinal herb growing operations as well. Today we are taking a …

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