Pickled Pigs Feet – Food from the South

Let’s cook some Southern Food. Pickled Pig’s Feet!!! Have you ever tried these tasty trotters? Pickled Pig’s feet is a

Mexican Carne Seca

In our quest to make dry curing more approachable 2 words came to mind, Carne Seca. This Mexican dry cured

New Orleans Pecan Pralines – Food from the South

Today we are cooking up some Southern food, or Southern candy to be more precise. New Orleans Pecan Pralines!! This

Pastirma/Basturma for Beginners – Dry Curing Meat for Beginners

Let’s make pastirma (basturma). This dry cured meat comes to us from the Middle East and it’s absolutely incredible. In

Biltong (Survival version)

When I think about survival food the word Pemmican comes to mind. Pemmican is unseasoned meat (generally buffalo) that’s been

Teriyaki Salami

Are you ready for something different? This salami was requested by a subscriber and I thought it sounded interesting. This

Reuben Sausage

Are you a corned beef lover? I am, and one of my favorite ways to use corned beef is on

Hypnotic Salami

Salami making is what I consider “next level” charcuterie. It’s challenging, rewarding, and will require the use of special equipment

Amazing Guacamole Dip

One of my all time favorite party foods, snack foods, toppings, dips, is Guacamole. I realize that I may be