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Smokin-It Smoker gets a major upgrade (Digital WIFI Controller)

I remember the day I bought my Smokin-It Smoker Model #4D. Immediately I fell in love with it! I loved the size, the control, the build, the programmable settings, and most of all I loved the smoky food that would come out of it. It’s been great not only for my personal use but for my professional business as well.

It’s been five years and I still feel exactly the same way I did about my smoker when I first bought it but a lot has changed over the years. So we though that it would be a great time to see what’s new and give our smoker a LEVEL UP!!

The first upgrade was to add a cold smoker called Bella’s Cold Smoke Generator. This cold smoker has seriously impressed me! It’s compact and can generate on average about 9-10 hours of nice steady smoke without having to refill the hopper. It’s easy to light and generates true cold smoke!! I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of this cool add on!!

Our next 2 upgrades have more to do with care and maintenance. We added a probe guard to the internal temperature probe and we added a smoker cap on the top smoke vent.

The internal temperature probe guard does a few things. Primarily it protects the probe from hitting any meats (or trays) that you might have in the smoker ensuring that the probe doesn’t get damaged and that the connection to the wall is strong and steady. Secondly it allows the area around the probe to remain free from obstruction ensuring a more accurate internal smoker temperature reading.

Big Ben’s Smoker Cap (as it’s called) has one job. Keep the rain or snow out of my smoker while I’m cooking. I like this upgrade as I generally do long smokes (often through the night). Where we live the weather is so unpredictable and it’s not uncommon for a rain shower to spring up on me in the middle of my midnight smoke session. The location of my smoker sits mostly protected but from time to time things get a little crazy and rain water finds it’s way into my smoker. This simple cap keeps that from happening. It’s also rather stylish!!

Our last and biggest upgrade to our smoker was the digital controller. We upgraded to the digital WIFI controller. Talk about BOSS LEVEL. All of Smokin-It’s digital controllers are made by Auber Instruments so you can expect top quality and performance right off the bat but the WIFI model takes it up a notch. This controller connects effortlessly to a smokin-it app (android or ios) and within minutes you’ll have complete wireless control of your smoker. This controller has 6 programable steps for the most precise cooking temps and times, alarms to notify you when your food is ready, temperature logging in case you want to track the data and lots of other great features. In a later post I’ll go into more detail on how to use the app and program the settings.

If you have a smokin-it smoker and would like to give it a little accessory/upgrade love or if you just want information on these smokers be sure to reach out to Steve Lamier at Smokin-It.

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