Smoked Turkey Bologna

Follow basic sausage preparation practices when making this sausage.
  1. Clean and Sanitize all of your equipment.
  2. Chill your meat to below 30F
  3. Keep your meat and grinder parts very cold while grinding
  4. Any liquid that is added needs to be ice cold
  5. Chop your very chilled meat and seasonings till you create a smooth meat paste (Keep the temp under 40f)
  6. Add the fat and the non fat dry milk and chop till everything is homogenous (Keep the temp under 50F)
  7. Stuff the mince into sausage casings and prick out any air pockets
  8. Cook and enjoy

Here are a few things you might find useful when making sausage

Enjoy the video and the recipe. If you have any questions feel free to ask away. If you make this at home I’d love to hear about how it came out!!

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Smoked Turkey Bologna

Delicious lunch meat
Prep Time1 d 30 mins
Cook Time4 hrs
Total Time1 d 4 hrs 30 mins
How much do you want to make? 1000 grams



  • Cut the breast meat and the thigh meat into small cubes and partially freeze
  • Cut the turkey skin into small pieces as well and freeze. Keep the meat and the skin separate for the time being
  • Grind the partially frozen breast meat and thigh meat through a 6 mm plate. Set to the side.
  • Grind the frozen turkey skin twice through a 3.5mm plate. Refreeze between grinding. Keep the meat and fat separate and re chill everything before emulsifying.
  • In a food processor add the meat along with 1/3 of the ice or ice cold liquid. Chop for 60 seconds. Keep the temperature below 40f (4.4c) during this step.
  • After 60 seconds add the spices (do not add the non fat dry milk yet), also add another 1/3 of the ice or ice cold liquid and continue to chop till your meat becomes a smooth batter or paste.
  • After meat has been chopped and now resembles a smooth paste add the fat, the rest of the ice or ice cold liquid, and the non fart dry milk. Emulsify in your food processor by chopping for another 60-90 seconds. At this stage you will want to keep the meat's temperature below 55f.
  • Stuff into your casings and let rest in the fridge over night.
  • Cold Smoke your turkey bologna for 2-4 hours (depending on how smoky you want it to be)
  • Cook in a sous vide water bath at 145f (62.7c) for 4 hours – or 1 hour per inch that your bologna is thick.
  • After it's cooks, cool it down in an ice water bath and refrigerate overnight. Enjoy

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2 thoughts on “Smoked Turkey Bologna

  1. Mel

    Can you use this same recipe with chicken? Also use meat mixer instead of a food processor?

    1. Eric

      sure. It’ll be like a great chicken sausage

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