Salami making is as much about food preservation as it is about art. Making a huge salami has always been a goal of mine. Searching the internet led to very little results about others who have blazed the trail before me. Too many questions with very little answers. Would it ferment evenly? How long would it take to dry. Would the flavor suffer or be improved? I love the idea of a huge salami. So many possibilities like, using it
Today I’m going to show you how to make the Italian Beef sandwich. This is a great sandwich that originated in Chicago around the 30’s and has become a Chicago food staple. I remember my first Italian beef sandwich experience in Chicago in March of 2006. It was in a restaurant called Al’s. After standing in a rather long line I had finally made my way up to the counter where I thought I would take a minute to read
I have to admit. Cheese making can be very challenging. Some cheeses require presses, cheese caves, and all sorts of special attention. Fortunatly today’s cheese, Chevre does not. Chevre is a soft French Goat milk cheese that is an acid-set curd rather than a rennet set curd. What this means is that we want our mesophilic culture to do most of the heavy lifting. We will be adding a few drops of rennet but that’s only to assist the culture
Let me first start off by saying that I love Middle Eastern Cuisine. It really doesn’t matter to me where it’s from; Armenia, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt. I love it all!! The spices are exotic, the preparation techniques are ancient, and the food of course is delicious! I love kibbeh. It’s the first thing I order at my favorite Lebanese restaurant and most often I’ll get an order to go once finished. I don’t want to get into the origin of