Today we are doing something a little different. We are talking a look at popular internet sausage recipes to see if they are everything that they claim. In today’s post we are taking a peek at a Smoked Mexican Style Chorizo Sausage. Mexican Chorizo is a very heavily spiced crumbly sausage that is incredibly delicious when mixed with other meals. By itself it’s a little intense. The idea behind this sausage is to make a well bound together sausage (similar
There are several different ways to make bacon. You can cold smoke, cold smoke/dry cure, you can hot smoke, or you can low temperature smoke and cook it. Today we will be doing some low temp smoking and cooking for our bacon. In later posts we will cover the other methods. The first step to making bacon is to acquire a pork belly, remove the skin, and properly cure it. I chose to “square” the pork belly up but if
Bacon is downright incredible just the way it is!! Then there’s bacon jerky🤯. Bacon Jerky takes that smoky delicious porky goodness and combines it with the texture of beef jerky. It literally blew my mind the first time I made it. There are only a few steps to making Bacon Jerky and it all starts with thick sliced cured and smoked bacon. This will give you the best results. If you use thin (regular) sliced bacon the end result will
What screams Mexican food more than tamales. Tamales has got to be one of my favorite Mexican dishes. It’s a food that I’ve eaten since before I could walk and as far back as I can remember the women in the family would gather around each year to hash out loads of these tasty treats. Unfortunately, this tamale making skill was wasted on my sisters as I wasn’t invited to said parties and they could care less about learning the
Mexican Chorizo Verde is a relatively new sausage (roughly 80 years old or so) and trust me when I tell you it’s pretty delicious!! It comes the region of Toluca, Mexico and instead of using the traditional chili’s that are in Chorizo, it uses lots of greens (spinach, lettuce, peppers, herbs, etc.). It’s an herb forward sausage that’s complex, nutty, bright, and very tasty. Much like many traditional Mexican sausages this recipe uses vinegar. Vinegar is used to help extend
Here are a few things you might find useful when making this sausage Chef Knife – KOTAI (for 15% off use discount code – 2guys ) Breville Sous Chef Food Processor MK4 Thermapen (Accurate Thermometer)Sausage PrickerMeat GrindersMeat MixersSmall accurate Scale for spices Large Capacity Scale (33 pounds)Custom Cutting Board If you want to see the different things that we use in operation our be sure to check out our new Amazon Store. 2 Guys & A Cooler Amazon Storefront Print