Pastirma/Basturma for Beginners – Dry Curing Meat for Beginners

Let’s make pastirma (basturma). This dry cured meat comes to us from the Middle East and it’s absolutely incredible. In

Biltong (Survival version)

When I think about survival food the word Pemmican comes to mind. Pemmican is unseasoned meat (generally buffalo) that’s been


My new favorite dry cured piece of meat, this South African staple is incredibly easy to make and mind boggling

Spanish Lomo Curado

I love Spanish cuisine, especially the dry cured forms of it. Spanish sobressada, Chorizo, and of course the Lomo Curado.

Make Spicy Capocollo in your home refrigerator

Of all the dry cured meat projects that I do, Spicy Capocollo (coppa for short) has got to my my

Dry Cured Calabrian Pork Tenderloin

I love the delicate taste of a delicious dry cured piece of pork tenderloin. Coat it with a little Calabrian


Let’s make basturma (pastirma). This Charcuterie comes all the way from the Middle East. Countries like Turkey, Iraq, Egypt, and

How to make Guanciale

Guanciale is a salumi that really deserves more attention. This charcuterie utilizes the pork cheek (jowl) that’s been cured and

How to use Dry Curing Wraps

Dry curing whole muscle is an incredible facet in the world of charcuterie. It’s easy to do, delicious, and very