Pitina – Italian Meatball Salami

Pitina. A remarkable Italian Salami originating in the Dolomite valleys of Tramonti di Sopra, Tramonti di Sotto, and the River Cellina, in

Lap Cheong

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Italian Cacciatore Salami

Have you ever heard of the Italian Cacciatore Salami? It’s incredible. The word cacciatore means hunter in Italian and this

How we made the worlds largest Genoa Salami

Salami making is as much about food preservation as it is about art. Making a huge salami has always been

Mint Salami

Salami making can be a beautiful way to express yourself creatively. I personally see salami making as a blank canvas

Italian Cremona Salame al Parmigiano Reggiano

The Cremona salame is a wonderful salami that originated in Norther Italy from the city of Cremona. This salame is

Spanish Sobrasada

Want to make something different? This salami might be right up your alley. Spanish Sobrasada. This spreadable salami is like

The Reaper Salami

I really like spicy food, so when one of our Patrons suggested we make the spiciest salami on the planet

Black Salami

Let’s first start off by saying that I’ve made some pretty crazy salami through the years. Experimenting with flavors, textures,