Who doesn’t love jerky? Beef, elk, venison, moose, or alligator makes no difference to me. Just give me that tender, dried, seasoned beef snack. Let’s be honest. Jerky isn’t cheap. Some decent jerky can run you upwards of $40 – $45 bucks a pound… OUCH! Making it at home is the way to go. There are several different ways you can make jerky at home. You can use your home oven, but often home ovens get a little too hot.
Pemmican. The ultimate survival food. I’ve been researching ways of food preservation and the topic of pemmican would come up every time. Pemmican is a meat product that has a heavy concentration of protein and fat. A staple in Native American cuisine, pemmican was generally made with Bison. This preserved meat came in especially useful during the winter months with North American colonist and Canadian hunters as food was scarce. This way of meat preservation is slowly fading since the
Time for another salami recipe. This week’s recipe is no ordinary salami though, it’s Soppressata di Calabria. So what makes this air cured sausage so special. Well for starters it’s not cylindrical like most salami. It’s oblong. This shape comes from the act of pressing the salami during the initial stages of processing and fermenting. Matter of fact the very name soppressata is derived from the word “soppressare” which means “to press or the act of pressing”. So a purist
One of the questions we get asked a lot when it comes to dry aging is ,”How do you know when it’s ready?”. This is a great question as dry aging beef in your refrigerator is very different than dry aging beef in a designated chamber with controlled humidity and temperature. The product that I use and have really fallen in love with is the dry aging steak wraps by the sausage maker. This “membrane” keeps the meat from drying
Are you ready for one of the most popular salami in America. The Genoa Salami. This salami is incredible. Delicately seasoned, fermented, and dried to form a charcuterie that is a work of art. The process of making Salami is straight forward. It’s a series of processes that generally don’t change. If you follow my v-blog (video blog) you’ll see this process repeat itself in almost every salami. Here is the process: Chill and grind your meat (keep below 35F)prepare
Want to make something different. This might be the exact thing you are looking for. Nduja is a spicy, smoky, spreadable salami that packs such incredible and intense flavor in every bite. So what is nduja? Nduja (pronounced “en-DOO-ya”) originated in Italy and is possibly one of the most well known pieces of charcuterie to come out of Calabria. This fermented sausage has a very high fat content and is unique in the fact that it is very soft. Unlike