Salami making can be a beautiful way to express yourself creatively. I personally see salami making as a blank canvas and through different proteins and spices we can create edible art! Today’s salami was inspired by the idea of food perception. I wanted to create a salami that looked and smelled like a peppermint candy but once eaten delivered a culinary plot twist that would have people talking. I think we achieved that 😁. This salami is not only beautiful
I love the delicate taste of a delicious dry cured piece of pork tenderloin. Coat it with a little Calabrian pepper and you’ve got a flavor bomb that will have everyone talking. Today I’m going to show you how to make this delicious charcuterie and I think you are going to love how easy it is. Making dry cured meat isn’t very complicated. We first cure the meat then we dry it. It’s literally those 2 steps. The first step
Have you ever heard of Nerina? This Italian soft goat cheese really caught my attention the first time I had it. Nerina’s striking appearance is only rivaled by it’s amazing flavor. This cheese is bright, creamy, citrusy (more like lemony), slightly tangy, a little musky, and mild for a goat cheese. The rind, which is made up of ash and a bloomy mold carries a beautiful floral, sweet, slightly nutty mushroom flavor with a firmer texture. It is truly a
The Cremona salame is a wonderful salami that originated in Norther Italy from the city of Cremona. This salame is simple, a little sweet, with a fermented flavor that seems to bloom on the tongue. This salami is often served as an appetizer with bread and cheese, so for todays recipe we will be making this delicious salami with a slight little twist. We will be adding the cheese (parmigiano reggiano) to it. Of course this is an optional step