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Making a 100% Beef Salami

Let’s have a little fun today. We are making a 100% beef salami. This salami is very beefy, slightly funky, some nice cheesy notes with a mild dry aged flavor. It it very intense.

The process of making an all beef salami is no different than a pork salami. You still have meat and fat, salt, cure #2, spices, starter culture, and patience. We are going to be using a fatty brisket for this project. If you want a slightly leaner salami you can use the chuck roast (which should have an 80/20 lean/fat ratio).

Beef fat isn’t a fat of choice for making salami as it’s more firm than pork fat (higher melting point), it has a slight yellowish tint (unlike pork fat which is snow white), and it’s flavor is rather strong. With that in mind let’s make an all beef salami.

Enjoy the video and the recipe below. To use the recipe simply weigh your beef and fat together in grams and input that number in the “servings” blank. The recipe should adjust all the ingredients based off of your meat and fat weight. Let me know if you have any questions.

Things you will need to make salami

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100% Beef Salami

A different type of salami for the beef lover
Prep Time1 day
Drying60 days
Total Time61 days
How much do you want to make? 1816 grams



  • Grind chilled meat and fat together on a 10mm plate.
  • Mix chilled meat and add your starter culture along with your seasonings. Once your mince is sticky and very tacky stuff it in a 2inch (61mm) casing.
  • Record the weight and brush on the Mold 600 if you plan on using it.
  • Ferment at 75F with 80% humidity for 18-24 hours.
  • Once you reach your target pH (4.9 – 5.1) place your salami in a drying chamber (55F and 80% humidity) till you reach your target weight loss.

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17 thoughts on “Making a 100% Beef Salami”

  1. 5 stars
    excellent as always Eric ,I did Sujuk a while back which is all beef but I’d like to try this more Texas Style!

  2. 5 stars
    Great salami, added black peppercorns and 12” casings. Better than anything at the store, Eric was great with responding to emails and questions during the mix. Thanks again and off to the next batch.

  3. Hi Eric! Thanks for the recipe. It says “36.32 g Nonfat dry milk powder .2% (optional)” — is the typo here on the weight or the percentage?

  4. 5 stars
    I love this recipe as it is fully kosher(if you skip the milk).

    3 questions:
    1: Can I make this without a PH meter?
    2: Can I use Bactoferm B-LC 007 from Butcher & Packer?
    3: What spices can I add to make it more exciting(fennel, cayenne, etc.)?

    Thank you so much

    1. Yes, Yes, and Yes. When you ferment, you will need to let it go the full 24 hours just to be sure you hit your ph target. Maybe even 30 hours. You can add all of the above to make it more interesting. Black garlic powder, Calabrian pepper powder, fennel for sure, basically anything you want

      1. 5 stars
        I did it and it was awesome. Such a yummy flavor. Ended up drying in under a month as I used very thin casings. But did another batch now with T-SPX, and 2″ casings. Hoping for the best. I might’ve screwed it up by leaving it on 75 degrees for almost 3 days….

    1. you can omit it if you want to. I added it for better protein extraction but it’s completely optional. If you do want to add a binder, you can use potato starch or soy protein concentrate

  5. Hey Eric,
    Your videos and recipes, are great thanks for sharing so much information!

    I’m planning on making this tomorrow, but only have access to T-SPX which from my understanding will be ok, but will need a longer fermention, problem is from hour 36 of fermentation I’ll be away for work for 58hours meaning the salami will be fermenting for 94 in total.
    Do you forsee any issues or have any recommendations?

    I’ll be fermenting in my home oven. Is reducing the humidity for a longer fermentation an option?

    …My partner will be at home, but getting her to meausure ph then hanging the salamis out to start drying could be a troublesome exercise!!

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