How to Make Black Garlic (Version 2 – Non Foil Method)

Here we go again. Attempt #2 with making black garlic. This method uses no foil and from our results it seems that the garlic will not dry out during the 14 day process. It takes 2 extra steps but it is well worth it.

Black Garlic is a delicious, healthy, umami filled power house. I’ve never had another ingredient quite like it. Making it is relatively easy but there are a few variables that need to remain constant in order for your garlic to turn out right.

The first is temperature. The temperature must be between 135F and 145F. This temperature should be constant without too much fluctuation. The higher the temperature the more bitter your garlic will taste once it’s finished. I use a simple rice maker. I’ve found that on the “keep warm” setting this temperature is achieved with no problem. My unit stays on the “Keep Warm” option the entire time and after 2 weeks the garlic is finished.

Another variable is humidity. If the humidity is too low the garlic will shrivel up and dry out. If the humidity is too high the garlic will get very soft. Maintaining a 80% humidity keeps the garlic at that perfect texture the entire time. This step is a little harder to duplicate in a rice cooker but using a small mason jar I was able to get a slow release of humidity producing a nice, bouncy, black garlic. The texture should be similar to a “Gummy Bear” .

Check out the short video and see the whole process come to life.

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