Smoked Chicken Hot Dogs

Let’s make some smoked chicken hot dogs!! A very flavorful alternative to the traditional hot dogs and because they freeze

Beef Mortadella

We are making beef mortadella. This gourmet charcuterie is a show stopper and incredibly fun to make. This emulsified sausage

Polish Krakowska

Let’s have some sausage fun. Today we decided to make a sausage (kielbasa) that comes from Krakow, Poland (also known


I have to admit that I have a love/hate relationship with emulsified sausages. They are tricky to make and require

Vietnamese Nem Nuong

I want to be the first to tell you that I really like Vietnamese food. The flavors are bold the


Frikandel is a Dutch sausage and one of the more popular snack foods in the Netherlands. It’s a skinless, poached,


Frankfurter is a German emulsified sausage originating from the town of Frankfurt. If the hot dog has a more sophisticated


Saveloy is an English emulsified sausage. You can usually find a saveloy anywhere fish and Chips are sold. What’s interesting

Leberwurst – Liver Sausage

Leberwurst is a German sausage that literally translates to “Liver Sausage”. This sausage can be served in a casing or