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Salumi/Whole Muscle

Salumi means salted meats and in Italy it’s most often referred to as whole muscle curing. Cuts like bresaola, coppa, pancetta, culatello, and lonzino are all examples of salumi. Here you will see some of my favorite recipes, experiments, and processes on how its all made.

South African Droëwors

Have you ever had this South African Charcuterie? Droëwors is literally translated to “Dry Sausage” and it’s not only incredibly delicious but it’s also incredibly easy to make. Preparing the Meat Getting fresh meat is extremely important when making high quality Droëwors. Try and avoid meat from the big box supermarkets or previously frozen meat. …

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Pastirma/Basturma for Beginners – Dry Curing Meat for Beginners

Let’s make pastirma (basturma). This dry cured meat comes to us from the Middle East and it’s absolutely incredible. In today’s recipe We are going to mix it up a little and break from tradition using some modern techniques and appliances that we have available to use. With that being said I will tell you …

Pastirma/Basturma for Beginners – Dry Curing Meat for Beginners Read More »

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