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Welcome to the world of Salami making. Salami is a fermented dry cured sausage that can be eaten raw. There are many processes that make this possible and in this section you will get to see the entire process come to life. I’ll share with you some original and traditional recipes as well as my secrets on how to guarantee success every time.


A Hunter’s Sausage. Landjäger is an amazing piece of charcuterie. It’s delicious, extremely portable, and keeps very well. In this recipe we will be cold smoking for about 8 hours using Bella’s Cold Smoke Generator by Smokin-it. This cold smoker can generate up to 10 hours of true cold smoke which will be perfect for …

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Soppressata di Calabria – Step by Step Video Tutorial

Time for another salami recipe. This week’s recipe is no ordinary salami though, it’s Soppressata di Calabria. So what makes this air cured sausage so special. Well for starters it’s not cylindrical like most salami. It’s oblong. This shape comes from the act of pressing the salami during the initial stages of processing and fermenting. …

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KimChi Salami

Sometimes the weirdest ideas come to me when I’m in my laboratory (kitchen). This week I was thinking about how amazing Korean KimChi tastes. It’s unique tangy, funky, fermented experience is like a taste bud’s dream come true. So complex in it’s flavors, KimChi ticks all the boxes for me. With that same thought process …

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