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Welcome to the world of Salami making. Salami is a fermented dry cured sausage that can be eaten raw. There are many processes that make this possible and in this section you will get to see the entire process come to life. I’ll share with you some original and traditional recipes as well as my secrets on how to guarantee success every time.

Spanish Chorizo

Spanish Chorizo is a cured fermented dried sausage made from coarsely ground pork/fat and heavily spiced. The process of making Spanish chorizo takes between 1-2 months and the end result is like an edible work of art. This salami gets it’s flavor from fermentation and the different types of Spanish paprika that are used. I …

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I hope you are ready because this recipe is hard core!! Mettwurst is a German sausage. This sausage has many different styles of preparation as you might find mettwurst in casings, fully dried, in a jar, or spreadable. Today’s version of mettwurst is a semi dried cured and cold smoked sausage that can be eaten …

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Sujuk is a sausage that comes from the Middle East. Typically beef is used when making this sausage but depending on where you are pork, lamb, or a combination might be used. There are many different variations of this sausage depending on the region and every one equally delicious. This version of sujuk is a …

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