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Welcome to the world of Salami making. Salami is a fermented dry cured sausage that can be eaten raw. There are many processes that make this possible and in this section you will get to see the entire process come to life. I’ll share with you some original and traditional recipes as well as my secrets on how to guarantee success every time.

Spanish Sobrasada

Want to make something different? This salami might be right up your alley. Spanish Sobrasada. This spreadable salami is like chorizo on steroids. Great flavor, incredible texture, and very versatile!! Sobrasada hails from the Balearic Islands of Spain and is fast becoming one of my favorite salami. Not because it’s a very cool salami to …

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The Reaper Salami

I really like spicy food, so when one of our Patrons suggested we make the spiciest salami on the planet I just couldn’t resist!! The Carolina Reaper Salami is a simple salami that packs a whole lot of heat. Realistically, you can reduce the peppers in it to make it more manageable but I figured …

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Black Salami

Let’s first start off by saying that I’ve made some pretty crazy salami through the years. Experimenting with flavors, textures, and ingredients is what artisan salami is all about and when I came upon some squid ink you can only imagine the ideas that started to flow. Naturally I wanted to start off simple. A …

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Strolghino Salami

You’ve just got to love Italian food. It’s not only delicious but it comes with a great story. This salami is prime example. The Strolghino salami. A salami named for it’s supposed ability to predict the future (or at least predict the outcome of a future culatello). The strolghino salami widely known in the provinces …

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Chorizo Zamorano

I love Spanish sausage (chorizo). Fresh, dried, semi dried, I don’t think I’ve ever met a chorizo I didn’t like. Today we are making a Spanish Dry Cured Salami from the Province of Zamora. It’s called Chorizo Zamorano. This is such a great salami not only because it’s absolutely delicious but it’s easy to make …

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Pepperoni is a great sausage to make. If you search the web you’ll find lots of ways to prepare pepperoni with each way giving this sausage a unique flavor and texture. Todays recipe will closely resemble store bought pepperoni (but better). This method of making pepperoni is considered advanced sausage making and will require the …

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