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October 3, 2020


I hope you are ready because this recipe is hard core!! Mettwurst is a German sausage. This sausage has many different styles of preparation as you might find mettwurst in casings, fully dried, in a jar, or spreadable. Today’s version of mettwurst is a semi dried cured and cold smoked sausage that can be eaten …

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Frankfurter is a German emulsified sausage originating from the town of Frankfurt. If the hot dog has a more sophisticated older brother, this would be him. The flavor’s from this frankfurter are delicate and sublime. This sausage is cased in a small diameter sheep casing which gives it a beautiful “SNAP” when you bit into …

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Saveloy is an English emulsified sausage. You can usually find a saveloy anywhere fish and Chips are sold. What’s interesting about this sausage is it’s bright red appearance. I’ve asked around as to the reason for this coloring but have not received a good answer. If you know be sure to leave the reason in …

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