Have you ever heard of the Italian Cacciatore Salami? It’s incredible. The word cacciatore means hunter in Italian and this salami is appropriately names a hunters sausage. This sausage was often take out in the field and used for food by hunters as it was shelf stable and didn’t require refrigeration. There are many variations of this salami. The size of the casing, the proteins that are used, and even the spice profile. For this recipe we decided to keep
Having a pH meter for home DIY projects can be a useful tool. We use our pH meter to test the pH in many of our hobbies. Things like homebrewing, charcuterie, cheesemaking, fermentation, gardening, and even some cooking all require accurate pH testing. A pH meter does require some care and attention in order for it to maintain it’s accuracy. Part of that involves proper calibration. Over time and with regular use your pH meter will need to be calibrated
Feta Cheese has got to be one of my all time favorite cheeses. Salty, tangy, earthy, crumbly, and perfect in all sorts of dishes! Today we will be looking at how to make Feta cheese. This is a fairly easy cheese to make as long as you follow some simple steps. If you choose to make this cheese be sure to let me know how it came out and if you have any questions, ask away!! Lets cover a few
Roasted Garlic…… Need I say more!! How about a roasted garlic slow cooked and smoked pork sausage. My mouth is salivating as I am typing this!! This is a very easy sausage to make, as long as you follow standard sausage making rules (see below). The amount of garlic can be increased based off of your particular tastes. The real trick to making this sausage come out amazing is the cooking schedule. Start low (to dry out your sausage), then