Are you familiar with the classic Italian porchetta roast? The porchetta roast (when cooked correctly) is a beautiful thing. Each bite is rich, flavorful, fatty, juicy, succulent, crispy, and extremely delicious. The porchetta is a pork roast that is seasoned, rolled, tied, and roasted for several hours. This seems pretty straight forward and easy to do, but trust me when I tell you that it’s a little more challenging than you might think This roast basically consists of 2 parts (the loin and the belly) and both
Do you use lots of buttermilk? If you do or if you plan on starting then this article was written specifically for you!! We use lots and lots of buttermilk on a daily basis. We use it in baking, in soap making, cheese making, we use it to tenderize meats, for desserts so on and so forth. I used to be able to run to the grocery store and pick up a quart in a pinch, but where I currently
I love Spanish cuisine, especially the dry cured forms of it. Spanish sobressada, Chorizo, and of course the Lomo Curado. This cured pork loin is smoky, spicy, perfectly seasoned, and absolutely delicious. Best of all in today’s post you will see how easy it is to make at home. Generally dry cured meats are made under very specific parameters with controlled humidity and temperature (check out our post on how to build a dry curing chamber), but today I’m going
Hummus is one of those dishes that I can sit down with to enjoy as a quick snack, and before you know it I’ve polished off an entire container. You name the flavor I’ve either had it or made it but one flavor reigns supreme in my book, Black Garlic. Black Garlic is a very special ingredient that brings a flavor profile to your dish that is very hard to describe. Sweet, umami, savory, soy sauce, chocolate, molasses (just to