Let’s cook some Southern Food. Pickled Pig’s Feet!!! Have you ever tried these tasty trotters? Pickled Pig’s feet is a very common food item in many parts of the world. So much so that meat departments dedicate entire sections to portioned and sliced pigs feet. In the United States on the other hand it isn’t so common though. Down South, pickled pig’s feet can be found in your local grocery store, farmers market, gas station, you name it. It’s everywhere!
In our quest to make dry curing more approachable 2 words came to mind, Carne Seca. This Mexican dry cured meat is an absolute must for anyone who wants to start their journey in the wide world of dry curing meats. It’s easy, incredibly delicious, and the best part is that it’s also fast. This can be made in just under 1 day. Let’s break this dry cured meat down into it’s simplest forms. Preparing the Meat Choosing the right
Today we are cooking up some Southern food, or Southern candy to be more precise. New Orleans Pecan Pralines!! This is truly a great candy that when made right has a delicious, smooth, and creamy texture. Like divinity and fudge, the Pecan Praline can be a little finicky as there are many factors involved in nailing the recipe. I call this the triple “P”. Patience, Practice, and Persistence! making Pecan Pralines is undoubtedly an emotional experience. The slow process of
Let’s make pastirma (basturma). This dry cured meat comes to us from the Middle East and it’s absolutely incredible. In today’s recipe We are going to mix it up a little and break from tradition using some modern techniques and appliances that we have available to use. With that being said I will tell you that traditional basturma is generally made in the winter time where it’s cured with salt and hung to dry in an open area till it’s
When I think about survival food the word Pemmican comes to mind. Pemmican is unseasoned meat (generally buffalo) that’s been ground into a powder, mixed with dried berries and rendered fat. The end result is a high calorie/protein meat bar that has an enormous shelf life. So I had an idea. What if I took those same principals and applied them to biltong. Would we get a savory version of this survival food that had an awesome flavor with an
Are you ready for something different? This salami was requested by a subscriber and I thought it sounded interesting. This recipe uses teriyaki sauce and before we add this ingredient we need to determine how much salt is in it so we can accurately season our salami. We are looking for a total salt content of 2.75%. So let’s figure out how much salt is in this teriyaki sauce. Here is a picture from the back of the label of