Cajun Smoked Boudin (and boudin balls)

I can’t think o f a food item that i’ve eaten more of than boudin. Growing up in SW Louisiana

Polish Krakowska

Let’s have some sausage fun. Today we decided to make a sausage (kielbasa) that comes from Krakow, Poland (also known

Smoked Polish Kielbasa

When was the last time you had smoked Polish kielbasa? Growing up in a Mexican/Cajun household this wasn’t a sausage

Texas Hot Links

Texas Hot Links. A delicious spicy sausage that finds it’s origins out of Pittsburg, TX. This sausage (AKA Hot Guts)


I hope you are ready because this recipe is hard core!! Mettwurst is a German sausage. This sausage has many

Panamanian Chorizo Criollo

As we continue our journey into sausage making we find our self in the Banana Republic. Todays sausage is a

Snack Sticks

Who doesn’t love a good snack stick. Tangy, smoky, and perfect on any occasion. In todays recipe we will be

Smokin-It Smoker gets a major upgrade (Digital WIFI Controller)

I remember the day I bought my Smokin-It Smoker Model #4D. Immediately I fell in love with it! I loved