I have made lots of sausages in my time and this one has got to be the strangest. White Pudding is an Irish/Scottish/English sausage that consist mainly of fat, grains, flour, leeks, and milk. The recipe for this sausage varies depending on where you go. It can contain pork, pork trimmings, beef, or just fat as in this recipe. Even the grains can vary from oatmeal to pearl barley. The secret to making this sausage is keeping the fat very
In the world of sausage making there are several types of sausages. The most basic is considered the “fresh bulk sausage”. The fresh bulk sausage is sausage that is not put into casings and consists of meat and seasonings that have been mixed together. In this category you might find the breakfast sausage, Mexican chorizo, and of course the Italian Sausage. The Italian sausage is a great sausage and one that we make constantly for our business. We use this
Pepperoni is a great sausage to make. If you search the web you’ll find lots of ways to prepare pepperoni with each way giving this sausage a unique flavor and texture. Todays recipe will closely resemble store bought pepperoni (but better). This method of making pepperoni is considered advanced sausage making and will require the use of some special equipment. We will be curing, fermenting, smoking, drying, then cooking. It’s going to be amazing. Before we get to this recipe
I have to admit that I have a love/hate relationship with emulsified sausages. They are tricky to make and require special equipment but if made properly they are amazing! Weissurst is one of those sausages. This “White Sausage” is a German sausage that dates back to the mid 1800’s. This sausage isn’t smoked or cured and for this reason takes on a greyish white color when poached. The flavors of this sausage are incredible as you get notes of mace,