I want to be the first to tell you that I really like Vietnamese food. The flavors are bold the ingredients are exotic and their sausage is amazing. The sausage I’m talking about is called Nem Nuong. This is a grilled pork sausage that is often served as a snack or appetizer or served with rice noodles or rice as a main dish. I personally love to wrap this sausage in a spring roll with lettuce, carrots, rice noodles, and
The linguiça cuiabana is a great Brazilian sausage that’s got a lot going on. This sausage is characteristically known for having rennet cheese (coalho) a lot like “queso fresco” from Mexico. What’s interesting about rennet cheese (queso fresco) is that it doesn’t melt when it gets cooked and in this sausage it provides a unique texture and a great flavor without leaking out all over the place. You will also find milk and the addition of spicy peppers in this
Are you ready for something fun? This recipe is an adaptation of a recipe I got from the You Tube Channel Our Final Freezer. The spirit behind this sausage is simply incredible and really opens the door for countless possibilities. Korean Bulgogi is a classic beef stir fried dish. Generally the beef is thinly sliced, marinated in a sugar, ginger, sesame oil, soy sauce mixture overnight then stir fried. This dish is incredibly delicious. To turn a recipe into a
Frikandel is a Dutch sausage and one of the more popular snack foods in the Netherlands. It’s a skinless, poached, deep fried, mince meat hot dog of sorts and it’s delicious. Frikandel is usually made with several types of meat. The combination of meat that you choose to use is completely up to you. I personally like the texture that chicken, beef, and pork gives this sausage. In today’s recipe I use a food processor to make this sausage. If