Hebrew National all Beef Franks (Copy Cat Recipe)

Ok. So let me make a confession. I love hot dogs. I especially love Hebrew National all Beef Franks. It’s like a guilty pleasure.

Making an emulsified sausage is a little tricky. You need the right equipment, super sharp cutting blades, and very cold mince meat. If it’s done properly the texture and bite of a properly emulsified sausage is heavenly. If done incorrectly it’s a disaster.

Today I’ll show you how to make this awesome hot dog without all the fuss of emulsification. So technically this is more of a semi-emulsified sausage (and that’s totally ok too!!)

The main issue here is temperature. We want our meat and fat to be cold. I use a thermapen mk4 by thermaworks to check my temp. If you don’t have one of these then you really should look into fixing that. It’s that awesome!! I’ll be using an 80% lean beef and a 20% fat content. If you live in an area where your beef is grain fed and has nice marbling like chuck (which has a natural 80/20 mix) then there’s no need to add additional fat. Where I live the meat is all grass fed and very lean so I end up adding extra fat. Either way you want your meat very cold!!! This is super important. Keep it under 35F. This will preserve the integrity of your meat and fat while grinding.

Speaking of grinding you’ll want to grind your meat 3X. Start on a 10mm plate, then 4.5mm, then finally 3mm. Remember to keep the meat partially frozen each time you grind. This will ensure that you break down the particles of beef and fat into ultra small pieces.

Once your meat has been properly ground it’s time to mix in the spices. I like to use my kitchen aid stand mixer for this. Mix the farce (and seasonings) on a medium speed while slowly adding in the ice cold water. I’ll mix the meat until it looks like it’s well mixed and mostly homogenous. At this point it’s ready to be stuffed into casings.

I like stuffing my farce into a 21mm cellulose casing. Sheep casing is also very popular as it delivers a nice “SNAP” to your hotdog. Once you have your hotdogs formed all you need to do now is give them a little cook. If you are making all beef hot dogs then you’ll want to bring the internal temp to 135F-140. If you are adding pork then you’ll want the internal temp to be 150-155F. If you place your hot dogs into simmering water then it only takes about 10-12 minutes to finish cooking. I use sous vide cooking to keep from overcooking my dogs!! If you haven’t gotten into sous vide cooking yet the I suggest looking into it. It’s pretty cool!!

Enjoy your hot dogs and be sure to freeze what you don’t cook!

Here are a few things I found helpful when making this recipe.

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Hebrew National All Beef Franks (Copy-Cat recipe)

Fresh, delicious, and totally amazing hot dogs!!
Prep Time2 hrs
Cook Time2 hrs
Total Time4 hrs

If you are making sausage adjust the servings to reflect the total weight of your meat and fat

Servings: 1816 grams



  • prepare your meat and fat (if you are adding fat) for your grinder. Slice into thin strips and place in the freeze to chill. You want the temp to be below 35F
  • Once chilled grind your meat and fat together 3 times. First on a 10mm, next on a 4.5mm, finally on a 3mm. If you don't have a 3mm plate then grind it twice on a 4.5mm.
  • Add your ground meat mixture to a stand mixer. Slowly add the seasonings. Add the water a little at a time as you mix on low/medium. Once you have the farce well mixed (be careful to not overmix) remove from the stand mixer and stuff into your 21mm cellulose casings and for the links.
  • **If you are using Insta Cure #1 be sure to allow the hot dogs to rest in the refrigerator over night before cooking..
  • Cook the hot dogs in some simmering water (176F) till the internal temperature reaches 135-140f (this is for all beef. If you are adding pork you need to bring the temp to 150-155f)
  • cool in ice water and remove the casing. Your hot dogs are finished. Enjoy for lunch and freeze whats left in a vacuum sealed pouch for later.

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  1. Rianna

    I really was inspired by you guys. I’m seriously thinking about doing this product especially the hotdogs. I would like to make a product that is delicious, affordable and most important halal. Since there is only one company doing it where I live I know I can provide an excellent product based on what I’ve seen on your videos. I would really like to know more.

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