Easy Italian Sausage

In the world of sausage making there are several types of sausages. The most basic is considered the “fresh bulk

White Pudding

I have made lots of sausages in my time and this one has got to be the strangest. White Pudding

Brazilian Linguiça cuiabana

The linguiça cuiabana is a great Brazilian sausage that’s got a lot going on. This sausage is characteristically known for

Korean Bulgogi Sausage

Are you ready for something fun? This recipe is an adaptation of a recipe I got from the You Tube

Smoked Polish Kielbasa

When was the last time you had smoked Polish kielbasa? Growing up in a Mexican/Cajun household this wasn’t a sausage

Texas Hot Links

Texas Hot Links. A delicious spicy sausage that finds it’s origins out of Pittsburg, TX. This sausage (AKA Hot Guts)

Cajun Venison Sausage

Cajun venison sausage is a great sausage to make not only because it’s ridiculously good but its a great way

Thailand’s – Sai Krok Issan

Are you ready for something different. This fresh/fermented sausage is part of Northeastern Thailand’s sausage scene. This sausage is made

Wisconsin Beer Brats

I sure do love a good bratwurst. It’s always been on the top of my list as far as sausages