The Cremona salame is a wonderful salami that originated in Norther Italy from the city of Cremona. This salame is simple, a little sweet, with a fermented flavor that seems to bloom on the tongue. This salami is often served as an appetizer with bread and cheese, so for todays recipe we will be making this delicious salami with a slight little twist. We will be adding the cheese (parmigiano reggiano) to it. Of course this is an optional step
Sunny days and warm weather remind me of a time when I took a trip to Guadalajara, Mexico. I was 13 years old and traveling to my uncle’s home for the first time. It was one fateful afternoon that we spent in the Guadalajara playing and enjoying the downtown area when my uncle suggested getting drinks, Tejuino for everyone! What a fun discovery. There’s not a whole lot I remember about that trip but for some reason Tejuino stuck with
Want to make something different? This salami might be right up your alley. Spanish Sobrasada. This spreadable salami is like chorizo on steroids. Great flavor, incredible texture, and very versatile!! Sobrasada hails from the Balearic Islands of Spain and is fast becoming one of my favorite salami. Not because it’s a very cool salami to make, but because it’s so delicious. The high fat content in this salami and the method of preparation yields a very soft and spreadable charcuterie
Well the time has come to start making cheese and what better cheese to start off with than Queso Fresco. This is a cheese I grew up eating in Mexico and I still love it to this day. Queso fresco translates to “fresh cheese” and it’s a mild cheese that really pairs well with other foods. It’s slightly salty, tangy, and you really get all of those fresh milk flavors coming through This cheese is prepared a multitude of different